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Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies

I really need to get back into my blogging but after the holiday rush of cake balls and the busy tax season, I have found I spend all my time trying to catch-up on life.  Along with tax season comes college interns at work and we cannot always find enough work to keep them busy, so this year they have been given the task of putting together a March Madness competition but given that most of our interns this year are girls who are not really into March Madness, we also had the interns put together a Dessert Madness competition!

Our lovely interns have put together a 5 week dessert competition where we go head-to-head against other teams to compete for the best dessert in the group.  For our first competition we had the classic chocolate chip cookie.  As I try to be a team player and do not want to be considered a ball hog, I asked for a volunteer from my team to step up and make the first round of cookies.  It was like pulling teeth!  I guess not every accountant is as enthusiastic a…