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Tiffany & Co. Sweet 16

A few months ago, I gave you all a sneak peak of the Tiffany & Co. inspired cookies and cake I was working on.  Well months later, I am finally getting around to posting about it!  I was approached by a friend to make a Sweet 16 cake and cookies.  I was very nervous when I was told that they wanted a Tiffany themed party.... Tiffany's is tied to the concept of elegance and class, but my cakes are still in the amateur phase.

I spent the whole week prior to the order searching the internet for all things Tiffany & Co. related.  I had to make sure that I could represent the theme accurately.  After lots of planning and sketches of how I wanted the cake and cookies to look like, it was time to create!

First, I needed to make my perfect Tiffany blue icing color so I turned to Sugarbelle who is a pure cookie genius! Within minutes I had a gorgeous blue color :) Perfection.

In order to get the dimension on the bow, I also used a technique of Sugarbelle where you flood in stages …