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BIG News!!!

It is with very mixed emotions that I announce this week was my last week working in "The Big 4" and I am MOVING!  Unless you are familiar with the accounting world or know somebody who is, "Big 4" really doesn't mean anything to you, but if you are knowledgeable of the accounting field, then you are well aware that Big 4 is a demanding, vigorous and rewarding place to work.  You endure stress, sweat, tears, and joy while struggling to also find your own work/life balance.

I started my career in Big 4 two years ago when I was fresh out of grad school. I came in with tons of ambition and really took the job on 110%. I have to admit that I have enjoyed the past two years thanks to my amazing co-workers even through all the headaches and stress, my co-workers made working in Big 4 that much better. I have truly enjoyed the company of my co-workers over the past two years, so much so that there were tears of sadness shed as I told my goodbyes... I truly have come t…