Thursday, October 31, 2013

Taking Home the Prize this Halloween!

Some of you may recall last Halloween and my close call to winning the dessert contest at work, but getting robbed! I was hesitate to sign-up for the contest again this year, in fear that I would be disappointed again... Luckily, the competitive person that I am, I wanted to win first place and the only way to do that is to compete! I decided to stick with a "Fall" theme and whip out the pumpkin recipes. I decided to go with a basic pumpkin cupcake recipe and to spruce it up with some spooky eyeballs and cute pumpkins.

Unfortunately, I did not capture a good picture of the final product. I cut the cupcakes in half horizontally and filled with a cinnamon whipped cream cheese frosting, topped with more frosting and a bed of crushed oreos to represent dirt. The idea I was going for was a "pumpkin patch" with some eyeballs mixed in. I gave my dish the clever name of "iPatch" to represent a pumpkin patch full of eyesSmileyhehe I'm so cheesy and proud of it! I am very happy to announce that not only did I win the Best Dessert, but I also won the Best Overall Food Dish at the potluck!!Smiley Talk about a great comeback; stole the show! Now I can retire from the Halloween potluck contest.

Hope you all have a great Halloween and Happy Trick-or-Treating!
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