Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First Wedding Order

Another first for The Cookie Counter, a wedding! My brother's best friend, aka my other big brother, asked me to make a cake ball cake for his wedding reception.  I was overwhelmed by him just asking! Thankfully, they were going to have an actual wedding cake as well, and the cake balls would just be an added touch.  They wanted a 200 cake ball display that looked like a cake, but they did not want it to actually be cake.

The weeks leading up to the wedding consisted of calculating out what size structure would fit 200 cake balls and then creating the structure.  We went with styrofoam since that would be easy to stab sticks into.  The day before and the morning of the wedding were pure chaos!! Thank goodness that I have the best boyfriend ever, and he put up with my madness and helped bring me back to earth when I started to get away from myself. The assembling of the cake balls was suppose to be easy, but of course, roadblocks!

I had spent hours planning out the dimensions and measuring out where the sticks were to go so that I could essentially just place all the cake balls on easily once we arrived at the reception hall.....and ROADBLOCK!  It turns out, when I measured the structure I was only accounting for the exact size of the cake balls, and I forgot to include some space in between the cake balls!  Of course since the balls are well duh round, they cannot fit precisely up next to each other because the roundness of the balls protrudes out and prevents the balls from laying right up next to each other. So basically, they were NOT fitting on the structure!!!! AHHH! I was in a panic and was not able to think clearly. We had to repunch all of the holes in the styrofoam to be more spaced out, which also meant that we would not be able to fit 200 cake balls on the structure and the spacing between cake balls was not exact since we had to improvise. And when I say "we" I really mean mostly my boyfriend.  I was really having a panic attack and just couldn't stand the thought of something else going wrong.  I had to take a moment and step out of the room to breath, and while I was gone my amazing bf had made significant progress in the final assembly. Isn't he wonderful?! <3 

My big roadblock definitely caused for a stressful order but given the situation, it was handled quite nicely and even though the final product was not perfect, it sure was beautiful to look at!  I was very happy with the result and all of its flaws.  Perfect is boring, right?  The flaws give it personality ;) If you look closely at the picture below, you will notice a very large gap in between cake balls on the bottom row, oops! The Menu consisted of Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Red Velvet. The bridal colors were pink and pastel green. Overall, this order was by far my most stressful, but also the most rewarding.  Seeing the final structure, flaws and all, complete was such a tremendous feeling and I was able to admire all the hard work before enjoying a beautiful wedding.  

I learned a lot from this order and I am so thankful I was able to be part of their special day! Best wishes to the bride and groom! <3

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