Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baby Shower Treats

Some of you may recall the holiday "dump" of pictures that I posted a couple months back where I was too busy to write a post but I shared some pictures of what I have been up to. Well it's time to rewind a little and talk about the adorable baby shower cake that I made. I was approached to make my friend's baby shower cake and my only direction was a color scheme.  She told me that she trusted me and the decorations were free range as long as I included baby blue, pastel green and deep brown.

For anybody who has been asked to make a custom design for somebody who doesn't know what they want, you guys know the feeling.  I was going crazy trying to research designs and ideas and I would go back to my friend and ask what ideas she liked and the only response I would get was, yea any of those would work or they all sound great.... really not helping here. After enough pestering I was able to get her to decide on baby blocks as a "theme."  She also proceeded to tell me that she wanted a two tiered cake, which I had never done! As much as I love baking, I did not realize how many scary "firsts" I would be having when I decided to start taking orders.

Along with the cake, I was also asked to make cookie favor bags for all the guests. For the cookies, I also did not receive much guidance aside from the colors so I stuck with traditional baby items, such as bottles and bibs.  I threw in a few sailboats since the baby's nursery was going to be decorated with a sailboat theme.  The shower itself was not sailboat themed but the mom-to-be approved the idea of sailboats for cookies. Below you will see the final set-up at the shower with the baby block cake and cookie favors!! I must say that my final product was way cuter than what I had imagined in my mind; nothing is more satisfying than exceeding the high expectations that I put upon myself :)

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