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On Vacation...

Starting tomorrow, I will be out of the country for 2 weeks.  I will be on vacation with my family in Vietnam.  It will definitely be an adventure, to say the least.  None of my siblings and I have ever been to Vietnam, and my Dad has not been back since he escaped in 1979.  I am not sure what to expect and am actually quite nervous about going.... I am too American to "fit in" there.

I will spare you my nervous blabbering, and just want to let you all know that I will be temporarily unreachable.  I will be returning to the States October 15th , and I will be in full swing with orders once I get back!

Now time for me to share a super cute picture of my puppy; who is not really a puppy anymore but he will always be "my puppy" if you know what I mean. I love my little Charlie! Because I will be out of the country for two weeks, I had to leave my puppy with somebody and who better than stepdad (aka the bf)?!  Of course that also means quality time with big stepbrother,…

Lots of Cake Ball Gift Boxes!

I have been getting TONS of requests to make Cake Ball Gift Boxes, which are super cute and good for any occasion! From "Hello" to "Goodbye."  From "Best of Luck" to "Thank You!"  From "Happy Birthday" to "Congratulations!" Here are some of the latest gift boxes that I have made.

I Got Paula Deen's Autograph!!

This past weekend, I went to the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show.  I had a blast and got some really neat products!! But the best part of it was seeing PAULA DEEN and getting an autographed cookbook!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I have always loved her show, and she always seemed like such a fun person to be around, and omg in real life she is just as hilarious and witty as she is on tv!  She walked out on stage with this "cane" and my sister and I were wondering what happened to her, maybe she hurt herself?

Then sure enough 15 minutes into the show, she stops to address this "cane" of hers and reveals that it is really a "boot saver."  I did not really get it at first until she put the "cane" in front of her and lifted out this cone like part and explained that it was used to help men from peeing on their boots..... ya know saving their boots from being ruined. A boot saver, lol. She is one silly lady!

Kick-Off SALE!!

In order to promote my new blog and to officially kick-off The Cookie Counter, I am giving a 25% discount to my first 25 orders!! The first seven discounts are already taken, so stop ignoring that sweet tooth and place an order before this special ends!

Sample Order

I had a request for a sample order of cake balls and mini cupcakes. The client had never tasted my sweets first-hand but had heard rave reviews from her sister.  Therefore, she requested a sample order so that she could taste for herself the deliciousness of The Cookie Counter! ;p

The client was not specific in flavors, but just said I could make any flavor(s) that I was in the mood to create.  She is a lover of all sweets and flavors.  I decided on chocolate cake balls (everybody loves those!) and red velvet mini cupcakes, both with cream cheese frosting.

And of course, she loved them (and hesitantly admitted to eating 6 cupcakes in one sitting, sshh don't tell), and she purchased a full order of four dozen Cake Pops for a friend's birthday!! :D

You wanna pay me to do what.....

"Yes, bake my daughter's birthday cake" :)

My wonderful co-worker Katherine asked me to make her daughter's 7th birthday cake, and I was very hesitant at first, but after lots of helpful nudging (thanks Xavi!) I accepted the challenge!  And with that my first order was born :D

The first thing we did was have a "consultation with the client."  Ms. Madison described to me exactly what she wanted, and this is the sketch that developed from our consultation. She wanted a square chocolate cake decorated in all yellow with a big peace sign and hearts.

Disclaimer: Please do not judge this terrible sketch with my artistic skills with sugar.  Trust me, I am much better at sugar art than real art! :)

The Cookie Counter

The other day my co-worker sent me this link of Sesame Street's "Cookie Counter" clip and I thought it was super cute and it makes me giggle every time I see it! I feel that it is a necessary post on my blog!

hahaha "Don't tickle, just point!" :D  Thanks Austin, love this clip!

Blog Makeover - Complete!

I am very happy to unveil my adorable new blog design courtesy of the lovely Jennifer Gilbert over at Trendy Girl Designs!! Thanks to my beautiful new blog design, I feel like I am officially ready to get this baking thing started!

I am still trying to complete all of the links on my page, but in the meantime, go visit my facebook page and twitter (links in the sidebar), or grab a button!

Please feel free to browse the new site, and look forward to some great updates coming soon; including a post on my first official order!!

I am also hoping to get some portfolio pictures up soon under my "Cupcakes, Cookies, Cakeballs, and more!"