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Classic Yellow Cake

When it comes to celebrating a kids birthday sometimes it just calls for a good ole fashion yellow cake with chocolate frosting! That is exactly what my coworker requested for his nephew's birthday along with some yummy sugar cookie truffles :)

Nothing super fancy but a darn delicious and good looking cake! I used a simple technique commonly referred to as the "petal effect."  You can find a great tutorial here by The Hungry Housewife on how to achieve this simple yet elegant decorating technique. This was my first time trying this technique and I will say that it absolutely will not be my last! :)  I also made some sugar cookie truffles (not to be mistaken for cake balls) dipped in milk chocolate, yum yum! Sugar cookie truffles are essentially like the all popular "oreo truffles" but I used my own homemade sugar cookies instead of the Oreos.