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Still Alive & Back from Vietnam

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I did make it back from Vietnam alive with no major scratches :) So how was it, you ask? Very very good!! It actually exceeded my expectations, which were very low because, well I was scared of the whole trip! But thankfully, I was there with my family who really helped me along the way considering I know the least amount of Vietnamese in the family and most would agree that my Vietnamese is damn near impossible to understand when I do try and speak it.... I guess I missed that boat growing up as the baby in the family and never having to speak it.  But like I said, my lovely family took care of me <3  We have even discussed making the trip on a regular basis, eek!

Coming back to work (crunching numbers, not baking) was very very difficult to do!  I am still trying to get back into the "work hard" mentality.  But on the bright side, my baking fun was very easy to get back into :D  Let's start it off with a classic Black & White …