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Amish Friendship Bread & Printable Instructions

Click here to download SMALL Batch instructions.

Click here to download FULL Batch instructions.
Anybody ever head of this?!?  Well the other day I was in the break room at work getting water and saw three bags of cream colored mush... Now I had seen these bags several weeks back and didn't pay much attention to them, but these strange looking bags were back, so I decided to stop and read the paper attached to them and saw "Amish Friendship Bread" with strange instructions like "Mush the Bag."

Well still not really sure what the bag of goo was, I went back to Google, and read up on it.  It is similar to a chain letter, in the sense that once you get it, you must pass 3 more along.  So this bag of mush is really an active yeast mixture that is supposedly passed down from generation to generation steaming only from the Amish. Now I don't know how true this is, but it has definitely been circulating around my office for a month or so now.  Even after reading of…

Whooaaa 11/11/11

Cake balls and Cake pops have swept the nation ever since Bakerella brought them into the spot light. Everybody has there own way of making them, and personally I don't like the huge 2" cake balls that some people make. I would much rather have a manageable small cake ball, but I like all my sweets in "bite size" form! I have also considered making super tiny bite sized cake balls.... perhaps that will be my next experiment.  I wonder if peanut M&M size or Whopper size is too small.....

I recently had an order of cake pops for an infant's birthday, but really the treats were for the Moms and not the children :) I was pondering how to package these cuties without damaging them, and then I realized I had tons of these cupcake containers!! These may not be cupcakes but they can still nestle into this container for safety during transportation. :) I made three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and good ole red velvet!

Halloween Tricks & Treats!

I have never been much of a thrill seeker or scary movie watcher, but I still love Halloween! I may not enjoy the spooky creepy crawlies of the night, but I sure do love the SWEETS that come along with Halloween!!! I am a week behind on the post but I hope that you all can still enjoy some of the fun treats that I made for Halloween.

The first order of business was eyeballs with a gooey center!  I got this great idea from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. The idea is absolutely brilliant, gushers and all! I did however use strawberry cakeballs instead of the peanut butter truffles that she used.  Any truffle type treat should work here.  I thought that the pink of the strawberry cake would add to the gross factor of biting into an eyeball :)

For Halloween, the boyfriend and I had some bonding time over cookie decorating :)  He is very artistic and loves stepping up to show me that he is a better artist than I am.  But I don't mind because we are doing something that I love, and I …