About Me

I am a CPA who has a passion for baking!  I have always said that it would be my dream to get paid to bake treats in the kitchen all day.... Why not pursue that dream, right?

I have decided to test the waters with this little dream of mine and that is how The Cookie Counter was born!  I am still a full-time CPA at a large firm that definitely keeps me busy, but the thing about having a passion is that you don't mind giving up some of your free time to do it!  So when I am not in the office crunching numbers, I am in the kitchen cranking out sweets!

If you are interested in ordering some sweets, please contact me at: contactcookiecounter@gmail.com

Please email me with the type of treats you want to order (i.e., custom cupcakes, sugar cookies, cake balls, etc.), the date you will need them by, and the approximate number you will need.  Once I have that information, I will let you know whether or not I can fulfill the order and will give you a price estimate.

Confections are made to order and since I am a full-time CPA and part-time baker, I ask for at least a 14 day notice so that I can plan my work schedule accordingly.

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