Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Still Alive & Back from Vietnam

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I did make it back from Vietnam alive with no major scratches :) So how was it, you ask? Very very good!! It actually exceeded my expectations, which were very low because, well I was scared of the whole trip! But thankfully, I was there with my family who really helped me along the way considering I know the least amount of Vietnamese in the family and most would agree that my Vietnamese is damn near impossible to understand when I do try and speak it.... I guess I missed that boat growing up as the baby in the family and never having to speak it.  But like I said, my lovely family took care of me <3  We have even discussed making the trip on a regular basis, eek!

Coming back to work (crunching numbers, not baking) was very very difficult to do!  I am still trying to get back into the "work hard" mentality.  But on the bright side, my baking fun was very easy to get back into :D  Let's start it off with a classic Black & White rose cake!

My friend ordered this cake for her Mom's birthday and she just wanted something elegant and clean.  I thought the black & white look would be very nice with just a touch of color!  She loved it, and the kids LOVED the black icing!  They liked how it turned their whole mouths black.... not too sure that the parents appreciated that one...

I am so glad to be back and cranking out sweets from the kitchen!!

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