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Baby Shower Treats

Some of you may recall the holiday "dump" of pictures that I posted a couple months back where I was too busy to write a post but I shared some pictures of what I have been up to. Well it's time to rewind a little and talk about the adorable baby shower cake that I made. I was approached to make my friend's baby shower cake and my only direction was a color scheme.  She told me that she trusted me and the decorations were free range as long as I included baby blue, pastel green and deep brown.

For anybody who has been asked to make a custom design for somebody who doesn't know what they want, you guys know the feeling.  I was going crazy trying to research designs and ideas and I would go back to my friend and ask what ideas she liked and the only response I would get was, yea any of those would work or they all sound great.... really not helping here. After enough pestering I was able to get her to decide on baby blocks as a "theme."  She also proceeded to tell me that she wanted a two tiered cake, which I had never done! As much as I love baking, I did not realize how many scary "firsts" I would be having when I decided to start taking orders.

Along with the cake, I was also asked to make cookie favor bags for all the guests. For the cookies, I also did not receive much guidance aside from the colors so I stuck with traditional baby items, such as bottles and bibs.  I threw in a few sailboats since the baby's nursery was going to be decorated with a sailboat theme.  The shower itself was not sailboat themed but the mom-to-be approved the idea of sailboats for cookies. Below you will see the final set-up at the shower with the baby block cake and cookie favors!! I must say that my final product was way cuter than what I had imagined in my mind; nothing is more satisfying than exceeding the high expectations that I put upon myself :)

During the baby shower, I received gushing reviews over the cookies and cake.  I really was floating on Cloud 9 after completing this order. It feels nice to check-off yet another successful order :) Shortly after the shower, I was contacted by one of the other guest at the shower who was thinking of order a baby shower cake.  Of course, I was very ecstatic to have anther opportunity to create delicious art for somebody!  After several discussions with my second baby shower client, she was set on having a cake "just like the one" at the other shower.  The only difference was going to be size, she wanted one that was 2" smaller than the original.  This posed one major problem, how can I fit 4 blocks on the top if I cut the cake down by 2 inches!??!

As you can see from the pictures with purple blocks, the solution was fairly simple, make less blocks! Duh Michelle, it shouldn't be that hard but you know sometimes all the sugar in the air gets to me and I can't think straight.  Although the second cake was based on my original design, there was the addition of the pastel purple and an adjustment of the blocks since the space was much tighter on this second smaller cake. I would say that I did a pretty darn good job of putting together an adorable baby shower cake for an indecisive mom-to-be.  I hope that you enjoyed the cake Katherine and Lindsay!


  1. Amazing cake!
    Are your blocks covered with a white fondant? If so ow did you cover the bottom of the block?

    1. Yes they are covered in candy clay which is very similar to fondant. Covering squares is a little tricky. I used two different methods to cover them and can't decide which worked best.

      (1) cut the fondant in the shape of a deconstructed square like this

      Then diligently work the edges together to seal each edge, or

      (2) cover the blocks like you would any square cake being sure to include slack to cover the bottom. This method will not produce a pretty bottom as thefondant will bunch on the bottom. Therefore if you want a smooth cube all the way around method 1 is your best bet, but is more challenging.

      Good luck!


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