Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kickin' Into Spring!

With a pair of Jordans! I am just full of cheesy puns this month

This has definitely got to be one of the more detailed cookies that I have ever done. But hey I love a challenge and it feels that much better to successfully overcome a challenge, esp a cookie challenge! Seeing how happy my customers are definitely make my day. This was also my first time to hand-cut a cookie shape. Finding a cookie cutter in the exact shape of a Jordan shoe is not exactly easy to come by.

So you may wonder what occasion would spark Jordans cookies? Well this order actually came to me via an old High School friend who saw my cookies floating around facebook. We haven't spoken in years and I was so excited to hear from her! Her goddaughter was celebrating her 7th birthday and she happens to be a HUGE fan of Jordans sneakers. My friend sent me a picture of Jordans that the birthday girl actually owned and asked if I could replicate it. I was extremely nervous to accept such a task but as I mentioned, gotta love a challenge. In the end, I am so extremely happy with how they turned out! Hand-cutting the cookies was a pain, adding all the detail was a pain, but wow the final outcome was totally worth it! I hope you guys had a great party and little Jewels enjoyed her special Jordan cookies!


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