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Graduation & Hello Summer!

Oh Graduation time. A time to rejoice in the accomplishments and hard work of the past years. A closing of a chapter. I still feel like it was yesterday that I closed my chapter of graduate school, but then sadly I realize that was 3 years ago.... not yesterday. Does that make me old? Smiley

Anyway, I had the opportunity to make one awesome, super fun cookie for a college grad. They wanted a 12 inch portrait cookie for the grad's big day.... err you want a 12 inch human portrait? I was nervous, but as always willing to accept the challenge.

I knew this one would really require the creative juices to flow. I have never "cartooned" anybody before. Thankfully with the help of the best boyfriend and assistant ever, we came up with this beauty. We had several sketching competitions to see which cartoon version of Chris would win. I hate to admit it, but the bf won in the end, and I transformed his sketch into a cookie masterpiece, and I do mean MASTERPIECE! Check out this handsome fella!

Happy Graduation Chris! I hope that Baker shared at least some of the cookie with you.


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