Monday, December 6, 2010

Dessert Contest at Work - Tiramisu!

So when I heard we were having a dessert contest at work, I jumped on the opportunity to submit something!  Then it was time to find an award worthy dessert to make... I spent a few days thinking about it and trying to come up with ideas.  Then the lovely boyfriend suggested I just stick to something tried and trued that I know is good.  A couple years ago, I decided to give Tiramisu a go since I love the stuff.  The first year wasn't so great, but now I have make enough adjustments to call it perfect (for my taste buds anyway).  Since then I have been making it every year for Thanksgiving as the family keeps requesting it, and this was the first thing that came to my boyfriend's mind when I asked him what I should make. (And in case anybody was wondering, I work at a big accounting company and yes I do real work besides baking for contests and bake sales.)

UPDATE 12/08/2010: Unfortunately, I did not make the top 3 winners at work... This is mostly due to the fact that they were judging equally on three categories: Creativity, Appearance, and Taste.  My creativity and taste were amazing but unfortunately my plain cocoa covered tiramisu just couldn't compete with all the crazy, cute, extravagant cookies and cupcakes that were there.  I did make the top 5 but unfortunately there is just not a lot of ways to make tiramisu look festive and cute.  I did, however, win fan favorite and got this lovely wine gift basket!! :)

**Please note that I used to have the recipe for my tiramisu right here in this post.... but I was advised to remove it since it is "an award winning" recipe now and therefore should be kept secret...ssshh**

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