Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Independence Day!!

Working in the corporate world, especially the accounting industry, can be rough sometimes when it comes to taking vacation.  However, I am fortunate enough that my company likes to give us surprise "extended holidays" and so we get a FOUR day weekend this weekend to celebrate the FOURth!! :p

In celebration, and in preparation for my mini-vaca to Tampa tomorrow morning, I made festive CAKE BALLS!  These are all the rave nowadays, but I find it hard to bring myself to make these... probably because I am not a fan of them **gasp** They are just too sweet and rich for my liking.  For those of you who have been buried under a rock for the past 3 years (uh hmm W. Xie) I will provide bakerella's "recipe" here.  And I say "recipe" because it is rather an equation not exactly a recipe.

You will need:

Favorite cake recipe (or box mix) plus all ingredients called for to make the cake
Favorite frosting recipe (or fluff in a can)
Melting chocolate (or "candy melts")
Plastic fork
Parchment paper (or wax paper)


(1)  Prepare the cake as you normally would, whether that be from a mix or from scratch.  It really shouldn't make a big difference for cake balls.

(2) Once the cake has baked and has cooled (I normally wait until the next day because I like to spread out the labor), mix in about 1 cup to 1 1/2 cups of frosting until it all comes together.  I do this part with my hands, sort of the way you would mix meatballs together because any other way just doesn't get it all mixed up well enough.

(3)  Using a melon baller or other small scoop, form balls with the cake mixture.  I would suggest rolling all of the cake balls before proceeded to dip the cake.

(4)  Melt the candy coating, being sure not to scorch the chocolate, and stir until smooth and all chocolate has melted.  Dip the balls in chocolate using a plastic fork (for easy clean-up!) to hold them.  Once dipped, place on wax paper to allow the chocolate to set.

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