Friday, November 30, 2012

A Ladybug Birthday

UPDATE: Added more pictures of the cake!Smiley

A lot of my orders lately seem to revolve around babies and toddlers. Cute little rascals. This particular order was for precious little Isabella's 1st birthday party :) An old friend and colleague of mine called me a few weeks into my new job and was asking how things were going and if I was enjoying the work.  Asking about the move and how me and the ole boyfriend were doing. It did not take long before he admitted that he called with ulterior motives....

His baby girl's birthday was coming up and they wanted to place an order, but the catch was he needed me to deliver the cake to Houston and let me remind you that I just moved to Austin.  I sighed and asked what the date of the party was, and I guess it was his lucky day! I already had plans to go back to Houston that exact weekend for a friend's engagement party. Of course I teased him about this being his last order but that I would be happy to help.

The theme of the party was ladybugs! They requested one large cake for the party and then a simple elegant mini cake for the birthday girl to dive into. After all, it was her birthday and she is a princess so of course she deserve to have her own beautiful little mini cake to eat all by herself! :) Isabella really is a cutie! But we also had to make sure that the guests got to leave the party with their own goodie bag of delicious sugar cookies.


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