Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Beautiful July 4th Wedding

Destination weddings are so exciting. Not only do you get to celebrate the joyous day of a couple's love joined together, but you also get a small vacation!

I was recently asked to attend a beautiful summer wedding in Washington, D.C. Not just any summer wedding but a July 4th weekend wedding in the Nation's Capital city! And it doesn't end there... I was also asked to make all of the wedding favors. You can't say no to the bride, right? But of course, I was happy to make the cake ball favors.

The week leading up to the trip was obviously more stressful than attending just any old wedding since I had to plan for the cake balls and how to travel with them. My biggest fear for the trip was Texas summer heat.... and then traveling to D.C. summer heat, which really isn't much cooler than Texas. Because cake balls are coated in chocolate, the recent 110 + degree temperatures in Austin were a HUGE threat to my precious little cake balls. We made sure to cool down the car before jumping in with the precious cargo, and thankfully with the heavy reliance on air conditioning, everybody made it safely to D.C.

Once we arrived in D.C., we had an amazing 5 day weekend with lots of friends and getting to celebrate such a joyous occasion! We enjoyed great food, beautiful fireworks, amazing museums and truly spending quality time with friends.

Congrats to the beautiful Bride and Groom! The wedding was phenomenal and I wish you two the best of luck and a lifetime of happiness together!

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