Saturday, September 10, 2011

You wanna pay me to do what.....

"Yes, bake my daughter's birthday cake" :)

My wonderful co-worker Katherine asked me to make her daughter's 7th birthday cake, and I was very hesitant at first, but after lots of helpful nudging (thanks Xavi!) I accepted the challenge!  And with that my first order was born :D

The first thing we did was have a "consultation with the client."  Ms. Madison described to me exactly what she wanted, and this is the sketch that developed from our consultation. She wanted a square chocolate cake decorated in all yellow with a big peace sign and hearts.

Disclaimer: Please do not judge this terrible sketch with my artistic skills with sugar.  Trust me, I am much better at sugar art than real art! :)

I was so nervous that I wanted to do a practice run on the design, but of course time got away from me with the lurking September 15th corporate tax deadline and I did not have time.  But thankfully everything turned out great and Ms. Madison was extremely happy with her cake!!

Katherine also asked for party favor bags of cookies.  I decided on the classic sugar cookie and decorated them as peace signs, hearts, and flowers.

Overall, I had a great time with my first official order!  I was very nervous and actually pretty stressed in the time leading up to the order date.  I ran into several bumps in the road, but I learned a lot from the experience and am glad that I accepted the challenge.  Because of this first order, I now have three more orders to come!!  I am a little nervous (and excited!!) that things could kick-off faster than anticipated;  I hope that I will be able to complete orders and juggle my full-time CPA job all at the same time...

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