Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sample Order

I had a request for a sample order of cake balls and mini cupcakes. The client had never tasted my sweets first-hand but had heard rave reviews from her sister.  Therefore, she requested a sample order so that she could taste for herself the deliciousness of The Cookie Counter! ;p

The client was not specific in flavors, but just said I could make any flavor(s) that I was in the mood to create.  She is a lover of all sweets and flavors.  I decided on chocolate cake balls (everybody loves those!) and red velvet mini cupcakes, both with cream cheese frosting.

And of course, she loved them (and hesitantly admitted to eating 6 cupcakes in one sitting, sshh don't tell), and she purchased a full order of four dozen Cake Pops for a friend's birthday!! :D

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