Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Got Paula Deen's Autograph!!

This past weekend, I went to the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show.  I had a blast and got some really neat products!! But the best part of it was seeing PAULA DEEN and getting an autographed cookbook!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I have always loved her show, and she always seemed like such a fun person to be around, and omg in real life she is just as hilarious and witty as she is on tv!  She walked out on stage with this "cane" and my sister and I were wondering what happened to her, maybe she hurt herself?

Then sure enough 15 minutes into the show, she stops to address this "cane" of hers and reveals that it is really a "boot saver."  I did not really get it at first until she put the "cane" in front of her and lifted out this cone like part and explained that it was used to help men from peeing on their boots..... ya know saving their boots from being ruined. A boot saver, lol. She is one silly lady!

Paula's "Boot Saver"

We wanted her to adopt us but she just had two more grandbabies in the last couple months and just didn't have any room to take us in too :(

I <3 Paula Deen

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