Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Tricks & Treats!

I have never been much of a thrill seeker or scary movie watcher, but I still love Halloween! I may not enjoy the spooky creepy crawlies of the night, but I sure do love the SWEETS that come along with Halloween!!! I am a week behind on the post but I hope that you all can still enjoy some of the fun treats that I made for Halloween.

The first order of business was eyeballs with a gooey center!  I got this great idea from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. The idea is absolutely brilliant, gushers and all! I did however use strawberry cakeballs instead of the peanut butter truffles that she used.  Any truffle type treat should work here.  I thought that the pink of the strawberry cake would add to the gross factor of biting into an eyeball :)

For Halloween, the boyfriend and I had some bonding time over cookie decorating :)  He is very artistic and loves stepping up to show me that he is a better artist than I am.  But I don't mind because we are doing something that I love, and I can always use the extra hands when decorating!  Can you guess which ones I made and which ones he made?

And because I know that you all want to know what our costumes were for Halloween, here it is: Patti Mayonnaise & Quailman from the Nickelodeon show Doug :)

My last order I did for Halloween actual came as a surprise order.  I was playing around in the kitchen one evening after work and made some pumpkin white chocolate chip cookies which were inspired from All Recipes.  Much to my delight, the cookies were a hit at work the next day!  They were such a hit in fact that I had a coworker order 12 dozen for her Halloween party!!! Whoooaaaa that was a BIG surprise to me.  Luckily they are fairly easy drop cookies, and I was able to squeeze them into my busy Halloween schedule.

Whew that was a lot of Halloween orders!! I am so happy to have business picking up, and I am so thankful for all of my wonderful customers!  The holiday season is right around the corner, and I sure hope that I can keep up! :D

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