Friday, November 11, 2011

Whooaaa 11/11/11

Cake balls and Cake pops have swept the nation ever since Bakerella brought them into the spot light. Everybody has there own way of making them, and personally I don't like the huge 2" cake balls that some people make. I would much rather have a manageable small cake ball, but I like all my sweets in "bite size" form! I have also considered making super tiny bite sized cake balls.... perhaps that will be my next experiment.  I wonder if peanut M&M size or Whopper size is too small.....

I recently had an order of cake pops for an infant's birthday, but really the treats were for the Moms and not the children :) I was pondering how to package these cuties without damaging them, and then I realized I had tons of these cupcake containers!! These may not be cupcakes but they can still nestle into this container for safety during transportation. :) I made three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and good ole red velvet!

I love making cake balls & pops because there is soooo much room for creativity. I mean check out some of these creative ideas on Bakerella's site!

Oh and by the way.... in case you didn't notice, today is 11/11/11! I wish that I had some great "11" cookies to show you guys but unfortunately, and fortunate for me, I have a Tiffany & Co. inspired sweet 16 order to complete today.  Trust me there will be pictures coming soon!  I have finished the cookies and need to work on the cake, but so far I am loving the outcome!!  Loving them so much that I want to give you a quick sneak peak......

And speaking of which I should probably get back to this order! Now go buy a lottery ticket and see if 11/11/11 is YOUR lucky day!

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